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Peppercorn Shrimp is a bold new flavor from Panda Express. We start with tender marinated shrimp and add fresh asparagus, onions and red bell peppers, then wok toss them all in our signature Green Peppercorn sauce for a bold burst of flavor.

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Chef Andy's newest creation comes from a Sichuan-inspired classic, Black Pepper Shrimp. However, instead of using the classic black peppercorns, Chef Andy has added a tasty twist with Green Peppercorns, for a one-of-a-kind taste. Mixing the bold flavors of Green Peppercorns with the elegance of plump, juicy shrimp and fresh veggies, this Wok Smart™ dish is sure to satisfy all your cravings. Your taste buds will never believe it's less than 250 calories!

Featured Ingredient

Fresh Cut Asparagus

Panda uses only the freshest and most delicious ingredients in our dishes. To compliment the zesty signature sauce of our newest creation, Peppercorn Shrimp, we chose fresh cut asparagus for its distinct flavor and tender texture. Try it today!

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