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Our Newest Creation

Panda's latest creation starts with thick cut slices of juicy Angus Top Sirloin marinated with Asian seasonings and wok-seared to perfection. Tossed in the wok with crisp asparagus, freshly sliced mushrooms, and our new zesty Asian steak sauce, this dish is like nothing else!

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Star in Our commercial!

To celebrate our newest creation, Panda invites you to be the star of our Shanghai Angus Steak interactive commercial. What's more, your participation could earn you exciting Panda prizes like an iPad and free food! Now through (Date TBD), visit our Facebook page, create your version of the Shanghai Steak commercial and share it with your friends. Each time you share your video, you'll be entered in our weekly sweepstakes for a chance to win.


Chef Andy Creations

Inspired by the unique flavors and exciting culinary skills of traditional Teppanyaki steakhouses, Chef Andy has created Shanghai Angus Steak. It’s a flavorful combination of premium Angus Top Sirloin, crisp asparagus, freshly sliced mushrooms, sliced onions and carefully chosen Asian seasonings, wok-tossed in our new zesty Asian steak sauce. Asian steakhouse quality has come to Panda Express. Get yours today!

Featured Ingredient

100% Angus top Sirloin

Angus Top Sirloin is the star of Panda's newest dish, Shanghai Angus Steak. Angus is the type of cattle. It is a special breed of cattle originally from Scotland known for it’s tender and juicy meat. Top Sirloin is the cut and is one of the highest regarded cuts for quality. Then we take ours to the next level. We marinate it in our special Asian seasonings and wok-sear it to perfection. It is Angus Top Sirloin with a delicious Asian flair.

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