A group of Panda Express creative leaders sitting around with microphones: Andrea Cherng, Alivin Hiang, Jennifer Lee, Lisa Ling, Melvin Mar, Steven Wong and Gene Luen Yang
This is american chinese


In conversation with Creative Thought Leaders: Andrea Cherng, Alvin Huang, Jennifer 8. Lee, Lisa Ling, Melvin Mar, Steven Wong & Gene Luen Yang

An old photo depicting a group of newly arrived Asian immigrants thoughtfully assessing their surroundings
This is American Chinese


How it All Began

An asian man presenting his weathered Identification Card
A woman presenting an old, framed photo of a young man in a formal attire
A smartphone displaying a newspaper article from August 30, 2006
And old photo depicting a storage facility containing stacks of folded shirts and various parcels
An old photo displaying a street sign for 'Wing's Cafe'
This is American Chinese


American-born Chinese Cuisine

A black-and-white photo showing a street side. The most prominent feature is a restaurant sign ‘Our Seas’

"Chinese restaurants have been around for over 167 years in the United States...The prevalence of American Chinese cuisine is not a mistake. It's influenced by a lot of historical factors that go back to early Chinese immigration in the 1850s."

Steven Wong
Artist & Curator
Chinese American Museum,
Los Angeles
An old photo displaying a street sign for 'Wing's Cafe'
A color photo depicting a an elderly gentleman holding an infant in his hands
An color photo from eighties showing two customers checking out a price-board

”They started with one restaurant to support one family, and now we are close to 1,900 restaurants and we provide for over 30,000 families.”

Andrea Cherng
Chief Marketing Officer,
Panda Express


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