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Intense rhythmic and percussive music with drums


Intense rhythmic and percussive music with drums

Bringing it All Together

Happy, carefree music with steel drums and percussion

American Dream

  • 00:01 - [Happy and thoughtful minimal music with piano]
  • 00:16 - I think about what my parents did, and, I'm kind of astonished. My parents came over to the United States without a firm grasp on English, and then they completed graduate degrees in really hard subjects.
  • 00:27 - As a Chinese American your identity is so much rooted in your parents.
  • 00:35 - I am second generation Chinese American, meaning that my parent immigrated here in college.
  • 00:40 - I always credit my grandmother, with whatever success I've achieved.
  • 00:45 - One of the things that we have to give credit to, in my generation, is that our parents basically came here in order to create the opportunities for their kids.
  • 00:55 - I think that so much of my success has to do with the idea of standing on the shoulders of giants.
  • 1:02 - I think the essence of the American dream is one of coming to a place where you are greeted with more opportunity than you had before.
  • 1:11 - Struggle is part of who we are and struggle is something that is beautiful and we can make it through those things to become something much better.
  • 1:21 - America is not just one thing. There's not just one monolithic culture that defines American culture.
  • 1:26 - We are a culture full of people who have passion for a whole range of things.
  • 1:30 - [Inspiring orchestral strings are added to the music.]
  • 1:32 - My American dream is figuring out where I fit within that collection of subcultures.
  • 1:38 - Eventually I'd like to get to a point where the American dream is about not judging - it's a dream that doesn't exist just yet. It's an America that has yet to become. It's an American that is a work in progress.
  • 1:51 - But I've come to realize that America is that amalgam of so many different things, and so many different struggles from far and near. And so, not only am I so incredibly proud of being an American, I so proud of being Chinese American specifically.
  • 2:08 - [Music resolves]
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