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Uniting Our CommUnities

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Our Story

For nearly 40 years, Panda Express has been sharing lovingly-crafted American Chinese cuisine with guests across the globe. But our story began with one immigrant family and a dream for a better life on the golden coast.

Panda’s cross-cultural identity extends beyond the culinary world, as we take root in our wonderfully diverse communities and invite people of all backgrounds to join us at our table for a celebration—not just of Chinese culture, but of all cultures and identities —rooted in tolerance, mutual respect, and love.

Panda Express Founders
Panda Express Founders
Panda Express Founders
Panda Express Founders
Panda Express Founders
Panda Express Founders

Our Vision

Ushering a New Era of Belonging


We embrace the opportunity to unite communities through uplifting voices that challenge perceptions of a monolithic America and collectively celebrating the diverse identities and heritages of the American people.

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Our Actions

Panda CommUnity Fund

A $10M pledge to foster unity and understanding in our communities


To honor our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, we have created the Panda CommUnity Fund. Through this initiative, we support DE&I initiatives, such as advocacy, direct services, and education, while empowering representation and storytelling across BIPOC, women, LGBTQ+ communities and other marginalized groups.

  • $10M
    over 5 years
  • $5M
  • 50
    supported & uplifted

Our Partners

Thank you to our partners and allies—we stand with you.

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