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Visual transcripts of website videos

Taste the Future

  • Panda Express concept store illustrated exterior is panned around from entrance in the front to drive through in the back.
  • Scene moves to the intertior, showing a Tea Bar sign and cashier along with the front ordering counter and seated and condiment areas.


  • Wok Smart logo shown
  • Veggies (fresh) text and image of Kung Pao Chicken
  • 8G Protein (at least) text and image of teriyaki chicken
  • Text: 300 calories or less with image of String Bean Chicken Breast, Kung Pao Chicken, Mushroom Chicken, Black Pepper Chicken, Grilled Chicken Teriyaki and Broccoli Beef
  • Text: Full of Flavor, Always on the Menu, Wok Smart Logo


Intense use of the wok by chef with fire and flipping vegetables and meat


Intense flipping of food in the wok by chef using a large metal spoon to assist

Bringing it All Together

  • Cutting zucchini, red peppers, ginger
  • Adding green onions, garlic, chili peppers to wok with oil
  • Chef stirring food in wok and flipping food
  • Chef adds sauce
  • Chef adds peanuts
  • Chef flips food in slow motion
  • Food is presented in metal serving bowl


  • Woman holding picture of older family member
  • Text: Honoring the Past
  • Zoom in on Cartoonist Gene Luen Yang
  • Text: Defining the Future
  • Image of a panelists in discussion
  • Text: This is American Chinese Originality

American Dream

  • Black and white video:
  • Text: This is American Chinese Originality
  • Jennifer 8. Lee sits on stool.
  • Text: In Conversation with Creative Thought Leaders
  • Gene Luen Yang sits on stool.
  • Video crew setting up room with lighting in a time lapse.
  • Video camera on Lisa Ling.
  • Text: Lisa Ling, Host, CNN This is Life
  • Jennifer 8. Lee standing up.
  • Text: Jennifer 8. Lee, Author/Producer, The Search for General Tso
  • Andrea Cherng smiling and sitting on stool.
  • Text: Andrea Cherng, Chief Marketing Officer, Panda Express
  • Gene Luen Yang sits on stool.
  • Text: Gene Luen Yang, Cartoonist
  • Alvin Huang sitting on stool.
  • Text: Alvin Huang, AIA, Design Principal/Architect
  • Melvin Mar sits on stool.
  • Text: Melvin Mar, TV/Film Producer
  • Gene Luen Yang, Cartoonist talking.
  • Melvin Mar, TV/Film Producer talking.
  • Video switches to color.
  • Melvin Mar standing on a street.
  • Andrea Cherng on a stool talking
  • Lisa Ling talking
  • Jennifer 8. Lee on a stool talking
  • Andrew Cherng talking.
  • Andrea holding framed picture of her grandfather holding her as a child.
  • Andrea on a stool talking.
  • Alvin Huang standing on a street.
  • Alving Huang closeup talking.
  • Gene Luen Yang standing on a street smiling.
  • Gene Luen Yang on a stool talking.
  • Jennifer 8. Lee standing on a street smiling.
  • Gene Luen Yang closeup talking.
  • Melvin Mar on a stool talking.
  • Lisa Ling on street.
  • Lisa Ling on stool talking.
  • Footage cycles through all 5 speakers.

Quality Ingredients

  • Freshly cut vegetables in containers
  • Text: Real Whole Vegetables
  • Text: Cleaned and prepared by hand
  • Text: Sliced and diced with care
  • Text: Fresh Flavor All Day Long
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